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The Vocalize Studio

Singing is a very rewarding and satisfying experience and we all have the potential to sound good. My students learn to sing for many reasons   some are listed below:-  

  • For fun
  • To impress friends on the Karaoke
  • To front a Band
  • To improve existing vocal skills
  • To Learn vocal effects
  • To build confidence
  • To prepare for Auditions
  • To relax

Lessons & coaching are open to all ages and abilities from complete beginners to Pro singers . Skype lessons are available for students worldwide.There is also the opportunity to perform at one of the Vocalize  Showcases for those who want to take things a step further !       

What is involved in singing lessons? 

The first lesson will begin with a chat so that I can find out a little about your musical taste and what you would like to achieve . We then sing through some basic excercises to find out where your voice is at . Voice development begins from here with the use of various excercises using scales and riffs. Every lesson involves an element of song work where you will work on a song we have chosen together to tie in with your musical taste and current ability. Various tricks & techniques are then used to help with any areas that need to be developed.

Detailed explanations where applicable are given to explain all areas so you have a full understanding of what is happening as you sound wonderfull!   

What else will happen in Lessons?

You will learn all basic foundation techniques to sing safely & effectivley including breathing & posture.

In addition we will also explore

  • Pitching
  • The building of vocal stamina
  • Improvement  & strengthening areas of weakness
  • Expansion of vocal range & power
  • Regular recording in a soundproofed vocal booth for assessment & to  build a Portfolio of Song  
    You can check out 50 plus videos of my students singing via my you tube channel by copying & pasting link in your browser .










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