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"The singing lessons i have had with Carl have been brilliant. I was very nervous to start with but Carl very quickly made me feel at ease."


"Carl has many different ways of teaching - something for everyone and he gives detailed explanations. He is extremely patient & laid back."


"I have definitely become a more confident singer since having lessons with Carl. I feel my vocal range & abilities have most definitely improved. I would, and have recommended Carl to other people". - Danielle George.


"Carl is a great teacher! I have learnt more from him in my first two weeks of lessons than I did after 2 years of attending a musical theatre course. Carl works with you to choose songs that you like to work on and he can help you improve. He is always encouraging you to find you're individuality as a singer. He listens to what you hope to achieve and uses his vast knowledge of great techniques to help you achieve you're goals . The recordings of songs you have worked on are also a great way of tracking your progress. I would recommend Carl to any singer new or experienced "- Gemma Marsh

 "Looking  for at teacher at my age & with my lack of experience in these matters was not easy . I was extremely fortunate both because you are an exceptional teacher .You love music & are a great companion in so many ways . Im looking forward to more !" -  Robin

"Thank you so much for all the work you have done with me . Could nt be happier mate  "   - Andy 

"I have been having coaching with Carl since February 2013, I was singing with my old band and needed guidance and had a totally open mind to it as never had singing lessons before, Carl advised me the area's I needed to strengthen and set to work with me, having regular 1-1 lessons & with very helpful audio guides too which allow me to practice when I can.

I joined my new band Volume to Eleven (VT11) in July 2013 and this was a different genre of music for me (classic rock) & Carl has been amazing showing me techniques to overcome & master songs by ACDC, Rainbow, Whitesnake etc , none of which I could've given credible performances at before meeting him.

I would highly recommend Carl at whatever level you are of singing, young, old, professional or just for fun, he is a fantastic coach, really knows his stuff and when I was starting to suffer from vocal wear he spotted it & helped me correct it long before it did and significant damage. The lessons are also great fun & we have a good laugh which makes the whole experience perfect for me!!"

- Andrew


"When i began my singing lessons with Carl  i was very nervous as it had been 40 years since i sung at all. I needn't  have worried as he quickly put me at ease. He is inspiring and a very knowledgeable teacher and under his gentle tuition i have learned some excellent vocal exercises and singing techniques ,which have quite literally bought my voice back to life.The lessons are both interesting and fun .I have grown in confidence and have achieved more in the past two years than i ever thought i could and enjoyed  every minute of it . I can recommend him without hesitation to aspiring singers of all  ages and levels "  Pam

Just wanna say a massive thanks to Carl Chapman!!!!!! 

I have been having singing lessons with him for 3 years now, not only has he taught me so much about techniques & managing my voice so I can confidentiality do 2 or 3 full gigs a weekend singing hard vocal stuff in original keys & still have the power in my voice at the end of the last song of the 3rd gig.... But we also have a bloody good laugh doing it too (fried chicken blues....  


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