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Who are Lessons Aimed At?

Everyone who has an interest in singing or improving existing vocal skills

Do I Need any Previous Experience?

No experience needed, I teach from total beginners to Professional level.

I already sing in a Band can you help me?

Yes. I can show you many tricks and techniques as well as a wide and varied range of vocal effects to take your singing to another level.

I like Singing Karaoke would Singing Lessons help?

Yes, correct vocal training will improve your vocal range, confidence and develop self belief, and of course your friends will adore you!

I have an Audition soon do you cater for this?

Yes I do. I coach students who are auditioning for performing arts places , school pieces ,X Factor and other Talent Contests and parts in Productions. I also help students with the performance side of things including nerves .

How many Lessons will I need ?

This varies greatly depending on the individual. I have experienced, Pro singers who will come for a couple of lessons to work on a particular problem area and also long term students who enjoy constantly improving and learning.

How do you keep track of Students Progress?

I regularly record students singing and we build up a collection of their work.

What do I need to bring to my First Lesson

Just bring yourself ! An optional warm up CD that accompanies the lessons is available at only £5.00 .

Do we work toward anything in  the lessons ?

Yes twice a year Vocalize has a showcase and all students who wish to take part  can take to the stage complete with lighting rig and sing to a crowd made up of friends & family .









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